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Colin Sewell(non-registered)
After seeing the fantastic display of photo's and video's you sent us all over here, I can tell you this for sure, everyone have said how brilliant they were. You have done a wonderful days work for the family and we all appreciate it. Steven and Louise and all who attended there wedding will never forget that day in Florida, and we all know you succeed in your venture.
Joyce Hrynewich(non-registered)
Hi Bill -- Evy forwarded me the link to your website and I just spent the last hour there and reading your blog -- very impressive and absolutely beautiful! Best of luck to you.
Pamela Benson(non-registered)
To my wonderful neighbor Bill,
Thank you so much for coming out to our neighborhood dog show at the last minute. It was a hot day with many dogs and many children. I can't wait to see the pictures.
Paula Abebe(non-registered)
Beautiful work Bill, Susan E forwarded me your site. Glad to hear you are doing well in retirement.
Bruce Langsen(non-registered)
Very nicely done Bill. Some great photos
Chris and Pete(non-registered)
Beautiful pictures! Congrats and much success in your new adventure.
Sherri Von Stein(non-registered)
Much success to you, Bill! I love all of the photographs that have been posted. Good luck and stay well!
Victor Kline(non-registered)
Hey Bill, Congratulations on the launch of your new web site. Great job!
Evy Severino(non-registered)
Bill - This is a beautiful site. Congrats on launching!
Kathy & Randy(non-registered)
Wonderful photos, we look forward to seeing much more from you!
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