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Welcome to Memories by Mills.
About me
Hi, I'm Bill Mills. My passion is capturing through photography those special moments in our lives that are unique, that we want to hold onto forever. Often a picture can express more than words, capturing a moment that becomes unforgettable – a moment that becomes a 'memory'.
My Philosophy
Sometimes I'm asked if I go out and search for those kind of moments or whether they just happen. My professional experience has provided me with many insights. One thing I've learnt is that it's important to respond to what you see in the moment. In my work as a photographer, I aim to capture something beyond what the human eye perceives: the curious personality in my portrait work; the angle of intrigue in an everyday item that we take for granted; the quirky character of distinctive architecture.
My Portfolio
Please take a look through the portfolio of work available here on the site. It is focused on three key areas: portraiture, weddings and scenes of classic americana. If you would like to purchase any pieces you can do so directly from this website and you are assured of a quality product. Please use the guestbook to tell me and others what you think about my work. It will grow and change so please come back and review my latest work.
Specific Assignments
I am available for your personal photography assignment, offering you a selection of images and videos that you will treasure forever. I hope that you enjoy the 'moments to memories' that are posted here. I look forward to hearing your thoughts about my photographs and the feelings they have captured.